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Notary Public Sydney

The Notarial Services that we provide include:

  • Facilitating the notarisation, authentication, and legalisation of Australian documents for utilisation and submission overseas;
  • Securing Apostille Certificates from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
  • Managing communication with foreign embassies to assist with the legalisation of documents for overseas use and submission;
  • Certifying replicas of original documents;
  • Verifying individual identities and signatures;
  • Administering declarations and receiving affidavits for overseas use and submission;
  • Notarising the implementation of Powers of Attorney and other business-related documents for international use;
  • Handling documents pertaining to foreign land, property, and inheritance matters;
  • Providing advice and representation for the authentication and verification of documents intended for overseas use;
  • Preparing Certificates of Good Standing for businesses and organizations;
  • Authenticating, verifying, and certifying deeds, declarations, and other intellectual property-related documents;
  • Notarising business documents such as resolutions, minutes, reports, and corporate governance certificates;
  • Verifying business and regulatory documents issued by governmental and quasi-governmental bodies;
  • Notarising international investment documents;
  • Noting and Protesting of Bills of Exchange; and
  • Drafting Ships Protests.

Contact us

We are available to attend to your matter by appointment and on an urgent basis.

In some circumstances we may also attend your office or other location to Notarise your documents.

Please telephone us to make an appointment and to request a quotation for the work that you require us to conduct.

Alternatively, email us your enquiry and documents (optional), specifying the foreign country in which you need to produce and use your documents overseas.

If your matter is urgent, you may also drop into our CBD offices between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

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